Monday, May 17, 2010

New Blog, New Post.

A mewtwo speed paint, man i love doing these, i need to get a video out some time, if my computer will cooperate next time lol, i love pokemon, love to draw them :> all done i photoshop with wacom tablet.

Kijinuki, Another species i created, technically there's forest creatures their furs can be all sorts of mixed colors, albino kijinuki's are very rare, I am still working on new reference sheet it is inked and all it needs is some coloring, and also at DA adoptable one's will be coming.

Hehe, these are some icons i made for a few friends at FA, i'm still doing some more there are a lot of mewtwo's and mewthree's to surprise.

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  1. I should draw Koi-Mew2 again. Your icons are so awesome!