Thursday, November 10, 2011

-Drake Shadow Sketches-

Some sketches of Drake Shadow, this character belongs to a friend of mine (Shadowshifter01) basically this is her characters oldest son c:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

-Basil n Kiri-

Basil and Kiri sketches, being all cuddly and stuff =3 and yes their expecting, Basil is formally known to be Sagger's twin bisexual brother, and Kiri belongs to a friend from Deviant art c:

-Elite Paint-

Just an quick Elite Sagger paint, sadly couldn't finish because I lost interest too heh:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bluemew Armor Design:

Bluemew armor design, trying to put together a neat armor design of Bluemew (Jade and Sagger's daughter) from one of the RP's, Bluemew gets captured and is strapped into the armor and controlled against her will and becomes the scientists living weapon, yeah it was an interesting sad story too, Blue is copyrighted to a friend of mine, Marbiter species belong to Me: (Mewsagi)

-Mighty Desk Cockatiel-

Beware the mighty desk cockatiel of doom c: quality may suck as I need a better webcam, this is my sweet Buttercup <3 she had fallen ill past couple days, but she is doing much better:

Arbiter Erebus:

Erebus, once an old mewthree character of name (shadow) now plays a part in the Arbiter world as a highly medical skilled Doctor, the bottom sketches reveal a mysterious bar-code imprinted on his neck, He had a harsh past of being part of a experiment by scientists whom tried to turn him into their living war-machine: Erebus and Arbiter species are copyrighted to Me (Mewsagi) their not a free species, so no touchy >:c

-Sagger Tunes-

From sketch to colored, and yes Sagger is being newly updated of her appearance, she's no longer a mewthree anymore but finally my own original character/species c: Sagger is copyrighted to Me (Mewsagi)